Kill the Newsletter!

Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds

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How does Kill the Newsletter! work?

Create a feed with the form above and Kill the Newsletter! provides you with an email address and an Atom feed. Emails that are received at that address are turned into entries in that feed. Sign up to a newsletter with that address and use your feed reader to subscribe to that feed.

How do I confirm my newsletter subscription?

In most cases when you subscribe to a newsletter the newsletter publisher sends you an email with a confirmation link. Kill the Newsletter! converts that email into a feed entry as usual, so it appears in your feed reader and you may follow the confirmation link from there. Some newsletter publishers want you to reply to an email using the address that subscribed to the newsletter. Unfortunately Kill the Newsletter! doesn’t support this scenario, but you may contact the newsletter publisher and ask them to verify you manually.

Why can’t I subscribe to a newsletter with my Kill the Newsletter! email?

Some newsletter publishers block Kill the Newsletter!. You may contact them to explain why using Kill the Newsletter! is important to you and ask them to reconsider their decision, but ultimately it’s their content and their choice of who has access to it and by what means.

How do I share a Kill the Newsletter! feed?

You don’t. The feed includes the identifier for the email address and anyone who has access to it may unsubscribe you from your newsletters, send you spam, and so forth. Instead of sharing a feed, you may share Kill the Newsletter! itself and let people create their own Kill the Newsletter! feeds. Kill the Newsletter! has been designed this way because it plays better with newsletter publishers, who may, for example, get statistics on the number of subscribers who use Kill the Newsletter!. Note that Kill the Newsletter! itself doesn’t track users in any way.

Why are old entries disappearing?

When Kill the Newsletter! receives an email it may delete old entries to keep the feed under a size limit, because some feed readers don’t support feeds that are too big.

Why isn’t my feed updating?

Send an email to the address that corresponds to your Kill the Newsletter! feed and wait a few minutes. If the email shows up on your feed reader, then the issue must be with the newsletter publisher and you should contact them. Otherwise, please report the issue us.

How do I delete my Kill the Newsletter! feed?

You don’t. If you’re no longer interested in a newsletter, unsubscribe from the publisher (typically you may do that by following a link in a feed entry), unsubscribe on the feed reader, and abandon the feed.

I’m a newsletter publisher and I saw some people subscribing with Kill the Newsletter!. What is this?

Think of Kill the Newsletter! as an email provider like Gmail, but the emails get delivered through Atom feeds for people who prefer to read with feed readers instead of email. Also, consider providing your content through an Atom feed—your readers will appreciate it.