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"I no longer trust myself to know how much my students  are understanding." Dan Levy on Teaching in Higher Ed

Dan Levy and I explored the topic of on improving our teaching on Episode 376. Dan has been a faculty member at Harvard University for over 15 years, where he has held various positions related to promoting excellence in teaching and learning. He currently serves as the faculty director of the Public Leadership Credential, the Harvard Kennedy School's flagship online learning initiative. He is passionate about effective teaching and learning, and enjoys sharing his experience and enthusiasm with others.

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Dan Levy talked about his book, Teaching Effectively with Zoom on Episode 324. This was one of the most-downloaded episodes in the past year.

David Franklin is a former student of Dan Levy’s and wrote a book called Invisible Learning about Dan’s legendary statistics class at Harvard. David shared observations about Dan’s teaching and his statistics class on Episode 352.


Avoid telling yourself you’re not good with names. Try this instead.

Consider structuring collaborative group notes using this advice in a video from Richard Bryne.

Provide students with more opportunities to grow their confidence and skills using mastery assessments. Derek Bruff writes about how he creates mastery quizzes in his classes for this purpose.

Discover more about how to incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to make your classes more accessible and inclusive using this UDL-Universe Guide.

Quotable Words

As many of us return to teaching, this advice from Harriet Schwartz in Connected Teaching is paramount:

“Sometimes students or moments seem to touch a nerve in a manner that appears disproportional to what is really happening. Other times, I catch myself making assumptions about an individual student or group of students before I even get to know them. I have found over time that when I recognize these very human reactions and assumptions early, I am able to adjust my response, which makes me a more effective teacher and tends to reduce my stress.”

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On the upcoming episode #377, Lauren Bellaera discusses critical thinking.


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