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Hi Fluencers,

We have a long list of exciting updates as we reach important project milestones. Getting here wouldn’t have been possible without your support and patience - we are very appreciative of the entire Fluence community. Thank you for accompanying us on the journey towards a Cloudless Computing future! Read on to find out more about our DAO launchDePIN day, and upcoming mainnet launch at ETH Denver.

Enter the Cloudless Future with Us

First of all, we recently updated our branding to the ‘Cloudless’ computing platform. We remain a decentralized serverless compute network and platform, and ‘Cloudless’ describes our offering in a simple, non technical way that we think is easy to understand. The market has moved to us, as our model of using crypto-economic incentives to create a network of CPU providers is squarely in the DePIN sector, which is attracting more and more attention.

We describe Fluence as the first decentralized ‘Cloudless’ computing platform which provides an alternative to the internet oligopolists by removing the risks of centralized control, subjective censorship, and data lock-in. The unique advantages of Fluence are trustlessness and verifiability. Trustlessness comes from crypto-economic incentives that reward DePIN operators, and cryptographic proofs provide verifiability of all computations without sacrificing performance. Thus, Fluence network provides an inexpensive, auditable alternative to developers who want to build safely and without platform risk. Explore our new website to find out more!


Our Mainnet Launch @ ETH Denver

We’re approaching a massive milestone for Fluence: Mainnet Launch! It will happen on February 27th during ETHDenver. Fluence will deploy the main network on top of selected list of providers, ushering the project into its new era. Join us at the launch event in Denver and find out more on how to get involved in the project.


DePIN Day @ ETH Denver

If you’re attending ETH Denver, don’t miss our DePIN Day event on Tuesday, February 27th. We’re looking forward to gathering with Web3 infra leaders, researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss the potential of DePIN. If you are attending ETH Denver, we would love to see you there - and you can still join!

Other than DePIN Day, you can meet our team on several occasions at ETH Denver and its side events. Skipping Denver this time? You can watch the DePIN Day & Mainnet Launch livestream here.

Announcing the Fluence DAO 

In early February 2024, the Fluence DAO was officially incorporated in Switzerland. From the inception of Fluence Labs, our goal was to empower our community to govern and control the Fluence protocol in a genuinely decentralized way, and the Fluence DAO is a key step on this path.

The Fluence DAO will govern the project, and FLT holders will determine the future of Fluence and the cloudless Web by voting to update the codebase, determine the roadmap, allocate treasury funds and invite new community members to provide infrastructure for their projects via the Fluence network. 


inFLUENCE Twitter Spaces & Recent Media Features 

While pursuing the cloudless and truly decentralized future, we’re keeping the pulse on the evolution of Web3 infrastructure by hosting weekly conversations on Twitter Spaces, featuring our core team members and various experts. Check out the recording of the most recent session and stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

Fluence founders Evgeny and Tom recently participated in several shows discussing Fluence.

Tom spoke about the importance of decentralised serverless computing platforms, the shift to cloudless computing, and why ChatGPT and LLMs need to become decentralized on the Crypto Coin Show.

He also appeared on the Bridged podcast, sharing his Web3 journey so far, discussing centralized vs. decentralized computing and Fluence’s imminent launch. Other than podcasts, don't miss Tom's recent Coinmarketcap article on the importance of decentralized compute in running unbiased, uncensored AI. 

Evgeny's presentation of the Fluence Network, and how it uses IPC (InterPlanetary Consensus) to scale its blockchain network is up on the IPC YouTube channel. For a good overview of all Fluence-related talks, presentations and educational materials, subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


Join the Quest & Keep in Touch 

For our community worldwide, we have another opportunity that anyone can benefit from: Fluence quest campaign! You can get rewards for following us on social media and learn more about our decentralized computing platform. It’s fast, easy, and fun - don't miss the opportunity. 

Stay up to date on all things Fluence on our community channels - Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Our team is here to support you and answer any questions you might have. Onwards and upwards!

Your Fluence Team
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